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Founded over 25 years ago, Z-LASER is seen as the emerging leader in providing structured laser light for industrial inspection, automation, medical device and bio-photonic applications in the North America marketplace. With more than 30,000 lasers sold in North America alone in the past few years, certified as ISO 9001:2008 since 1994 and offering access to our dedicated R&D team ready to discuss your custom laser requirements or to our highly trained staff knowledgeable in many areas of machine vision and 3D using our standard products, we can fulfill your most demanding requirements. All design and manufacturing is done at our state of the art factory in Germany. With a product range that spans from 1mW to 7000mW, wavelengths from 404nm to 950nm, lasers as short as 2”, lasers that offer the best "bang for the buck" with standard IP67 build, to the industry’s first fiber coupled laser on a OEM PCB design, we have the product and the knowledge to answer any laser requirement.

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30 years Z-LASER

POSTED 09/02/2015

Freiburg - Since Z-LASER’s founding in 1985, the company has been an innovative manufacturer of intelligent laser technologies. Since its inception, applications in the fields of metrology, industrial machine vision, positioning, and medical technology have been developed. Z-LASER’s products are exclusively developed and manufactured in Freiburg, Germany and serve as illumination for high-quality 2D and 3D camera based applications as well as a visual positioning aid in various industries. Besides high performance and industry proven (IP67) lasers, the company also offers computer based laser projector systems. Additionally, Z-LASER develops and manufactures highly customized OEM solutions, which are being designed in close cooperation with the customer.

In 2015, the company celebrates its 30-years standing!

Lasers in action
Laser generated lines, dots, crosses and further projection types are being used for exact positioning of material in all kind of industries. Besides positioning tasks, Z-lasers are being used in combination with industrial cameras for an automated quality control of objects or surfaces. Mathematical angle functions (triangulation) create altitude profiles, which are being evaluated for possible errors. For this purpose, Z-LASER offers advanced laser technologies such as fibercoupled laser systems and customized laser solutions for sensor manufacturers.

Visionary laser products
Z-LASER concentrates on individual laser manufacturing for industry and science. Therefore, laser products are improved regularly, like the established ZM18 modules series. Since beginning of 2015, the new edition ZM18T3 is available with temperature stabilization. As it is common in many productions, also lasers get more powerful and smaller at the same time. The R&D department is already working on the realization of these features, which will be released with the successor ZX. One part of this project is the development of very small laser modules for OEM applications or limited space with superb projection quality.

The current owner K.-M Zimmermann founded Z-LASER in 1985. The one-man show grew into a medium-sized company with more than 85 employees, sales offices in Italy and Canada, and 10M EUR turnover. Over the years, more than 60 international sales partners have been established. The network contains of machine manufacturers, local sales representatives, and general distributors. For years, Z-LASER is a fixed participant of leading fairs like LIGNA (Hanover), VISION (Stuttgart) or Photonics West (San Francisco). In 2015, the company has been present at 18 exhibitions and events worldwide.

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Alexander Klein
Tel: +49 / 761 / 296 44 - 320

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