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Vieworks designs, manufactures, and markets the most advanced digital cameras with high-performance and powerful functions. Viework's proven technology in opto-mechanics, electronics, and software is demostrated by its success in providing its mega-pixel cameras to leading customers in industries such as flat panel display, semiconductors, PCB, solar cell, aerial scan, scientific imaging, etc.

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29 Million Pixel Digital Camera

POSTED 11/04/2010

Camera uses 29 million pixel interline transfer CCD making it the highest resolution electronic shutter CCD camera currently available

Vieworks, Seoul, South Korea, a leading manufacturer of high performance 12-bit digital cameras for Medical, Industrial, Scientific, and Military market applications, announces the availability of the 29 million pixel - 4 FPS - 12-Bit digital camera, the VA-29MC-M4. Vieworks technical expertise is proven as a leading supplier to Medical Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy applications over the last 10 years.  Vieworks has leveraged their design and manufacturing expertise into a new line of high performance industrial cameras becoming the world’s leading supplier of 16 million and 11 million pixel resolution cameras to the flat panel display inspection market. A market characterized as requiring the highest level of performance and reliability. 

The VA-29MC-M4 extends their high performance camera portfolio by  incorporating the latest interline transfer CCD image sensor technology available to provide 29 million pixel (6,576 x 4,384) resolution, electronic shutter, and 4 frame/sec readout speed in a full 35mm optical format. These features make the VA-29MC-M4 the highest resolution CCD electronic shutter digital camera currently available. The VA-29MC-M4 camera measures 68 x 68 x 83mm in size and weighs only 460g making it easy to fit into tight spaces. Powering the camera is simple due to the 10-14 VDC 8W input power rating. Built-in features such as programmable LUT, Flat Field Correction, Exposure control and many more features make it easy to use. Industrial, Scientific, Military, and Aerial imaging customer will benefit greatly from having this high resolution, fast readout, and electronic shutter.

You can see the camera on display at VISION 2010, Messe-Stuttgart, Nov.9-11, in booth Hall 6 D-29.

“The addition of the VA-29MC-M4 camera to our portfolio is yet another product providing our customers performance they have asked for. We are proud to offer our customers the highest resolution interline transfer CCD camera technology currently available,” said Mr. Bob Kim, Managing Director, Vieworks Co. Ltd. “The VA-29MC-M4 camera continues to set a new performance level for the markets and applications we serve.”

“Vieworks is driven to be the best digital camera manufacture and continues as the leader in high resolution camera technology by offering such advanced products.  The Vieworks 29M pixel camera solidifies Vieworks position as the premier camera supplier to Industrial, Scientific, Military, and Aerial market applications,” said Kris Balch, President, Vision Systems Technology, LLC. “We are very excited to offer this new camera performance and capability.”

Pre-production samples of the VA-29MC-M4 can be obtained by contacting Vision Systems Technology, Vieworks North America distributor. You can visit their website to learn more about the products and services. 

About Vieworks
Since 1999, Vieworks has been a leading developer of advanced digital medical imaging processing systems, high precision optics design, and opto-mechanical designs. Their in-house R&D team designs, develops, manufactures and provides the most advanced imaging systems for industrial and medical imaging applications. Their manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified since 2000 while the design and engineering process is ISO 13485 certified since 2003. 
About Vision Systems Technology, LLC
Vision Systems Technology, LLC is a distributor of imaging products serving the industrial, scientific, military, and aerial markets. Formed by industry veterans Kris Balch and Terry Guy, Vision Systems Technology brings more than 45 years experience selling into these markets. Their company philosophy is to understand customer requirements and apply the appropriate technology to solve the problem. 

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