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Multi-Contact is the world's leading manufacturer for industrial robotic cable interconnections. All of our products utilize the Multilam (TM) technology from signal currents to extremely high currents. From design to manufacturing, Multi-Contact connectors are produced to satisfy the highest industry standards. Multi-Contact's connector technology offers both standard and custom designed solutions for a wide and diverse spectrum of applications. Our contact technology has virtually unlimited applications due to its design flexibility and advanced features. The robotic line of connectors are small in size and high in performance. Multi-Contact can provide reliable and cost effective solutions for your interconnection requirements.

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150 Million Multi-Contact Photovoltaic Connectors Sold!

POSTED 02/15/2013

ng one of the pioneers in providing connector systems for the photovoltaic industry, Multi- Contact looks back on more than 10 years experience on this sector. With MC3 and MC4 we offer a series of high-quality connector systems for PV modules of various kinds. A total of 150 million connectors sold to date proves that our quality prevails.
Multi-Contact has set a new record: the 150millionth PV-connector has just been sold.

Multi-Contact has set a new record: the 150millionth PV-connector has just been sold.