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1-on-1 Business Matching Opportunities Hosted by Korean Government

POSTED 06/22/2021

U.S. Korea Hotlink, A3’s new member, invites Automate members to the 2021 Global Business Matching Meetings for 1-on-1 business matching opportunities with Korean manufacturers on August 19-20, 2021. Hosted by the Korean Government agency KOSME, this event is ideal for companies looking for global solutions and partnerships to advance their market competitiveness.

At the event, the trade name of the largest consortium of Korean manufacturers in the automation and machinery industry in North America, connects companies from Korea, U.S. and Canada for practical discussions about remote monitoring and maintenance for machines, factory automation, robotics, high precision motors for robotics and medical equipment, and more.

Event Details

Traditionally hosted in-person by U.S. Korea Hotlink, this year’s 1-on-1 matching event is incorporated in the online component of the 2021 Global Business Matching Meetings.

  1. Participant companies from both the U.S. and Korea submit a registration form to U.S. Korea Hotlink.
  2. The registration is reviewed by U.S. Korea Hotlink and KOSME to recruit top-performing Korean manufacturers specific to each company’s needs.
  3. Once a match is made and both parties confirm their interest, virtual Zoom meetings will be scheduled.
  4. The 1-on-1 meetings will take place with a live translator, where both U.S. and Korean companies are free to discuss mutual interests and potential business partnerships.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to build international partnerships, hand-picked and organized by industry specialists at virtually no cost.

For more information on registering for this event, contact us at our website or A3 profile.


The 4th Industrial Revolution is in full swing in Korea, with over 7,000 SMEs transitioning to factory automation in 2020 alone, for a total of 19,799 automated SMEs since 2018 (almost a third of all SMEs in Korea). With manufacturing industries accounting for 39% of South Korea’s GDP, there is a thriving network of large corporations including Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and SME manufacturers and suppliers, ready to serve the global economy.

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About U.S. Korea Hotlink. U.S. Korea Hotlink is the largest consortium of Korean manufacturers in North America. Founded in 2009 by LPR Global, we are headquartered in Toronto, ON with affiliations with companies, government organizations professional service firms in the U.S. and South Korea.