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Motion Plus Now Offering Line of Optomechanics

POSTED 11/15/2022

New Platform Expands Motion Plus E-commerce Portfolio into Manual Stages, Optical Mounts, & More...

Pittsburgh, PA: Motion Plus has announced a new offering of optomechanical products. These products are ideal for use in research, light manipulation, photonics, and laser environments. Accordingly, many of these products are in stock now and available for purchase. Buy them online through the easy-to-use Motion Plus website at

“The addition of these high-quality optomechanical components allows our customers to enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop for everything they may need in their precision motion application,” says Jeremy Miller, Co-Founder at Motion Plus. “With these products on the shelf and ready to ship, customers can begin their prototype, their research, or their process in days, not weeks or months.”

Optomechanical Product Additions

The types of products included in this storefront expansion are:

  • Single- or multi-axis linear and rotary manual stages
  • Manual gimbals and goniometers
  • Optical posts, stands, holders, and clamps
  • Micrometers and fine adjustment screws
  • Kinematic and fixed optical mounts
  • Lens and mirror holders
  • Breadboards, handles, and magnetic bases
  • Thread adapters and much more!

With the addition of these optomechanical products to the storefront, engineers and researchers now have more options than ever before when designing their systems.  To find out more or view the complete list of products available, visit the storefront at

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