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New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is a leader in SWIR (Short Wave Infra-Red) and high dynamic range CMOS imaging devices, based on an innovative solar-cell logarithmic pixel technology. NIT was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Institut-Telecom Sud-Paris after many years of research activity on CMOS smart imaging devices. Presently NIT develops, manufactures and sells InGaAs sensors and cameras for short wave infrared band imaging and High Dynamic Range CMOS sensors and cameras for high-end visible band. NIT addresses various markets with a focus on industry, scientific, aeronautics, surveillance & defense. NIT employs 20 people and is located at Verrieres le Buisson, close to Paris.

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NIT starts production of its SWIR SXGA image sensor and camera

POSTED 05/19/2021

NIT starts production of its SWIR SXGA image sensor and SXGA SWIR camera

NIT is pleased to announce the sampling and production of its latest high definition SWIR image sensor and HD SWIR camera with USB3.0 interface - SenS 1280V-ST is ready for sale.


NIT SWIR SXGA image sensor – NSC1901T-SI.

NSC1901T-SI is the latest generation of NIT SWIR sensor having a pixel resolution of 1280×1024 pixels at a pitch of 10um, with the extraordinary low readout noise performance of typically 27e-, thanks to its innovative input stage and in pixel CDS.

NSC1901T-SI is manufactured using the advanced NH process developed by NIT. The NH technology allows to stack a photodiode array (PDA) of InGaAs to a CMOS read out circuit (ROIC) at pixel level. The NH technology does not rely on the traditional Indium bump hybridization technique, therefore improving the manufacturing yield and lowering the sensor cost. The VGA line of SWIR products with 15µm pitch is already in full production since several years using the NH technology.

NSC1901T-SI will be integrated first into the NIT SenS camera line – the SenS 1280 camera.


NIT HD SWIR camera - SenS 1280V-ST is ready for sale

NIT expands its SWIR camera portfolio with the latest SenS 1280S-VT model. This SXGA SWIR camera operates with a USB3 output and is bundled with GUI – NITVISION software and SDK for major operating systems.

Sens1280V-ST exhibits outstanding world-class performances such as :

  • Readout noise of typ. 27e-
  • QE > 85%
  • Frame rate > 60Hz at full frame
  • Programmable Regions of Interest
  • 14bits Digital output

Applications include laser beam analysis, silicon, and solar wafer inspection, process control, medical, food analysis, microscopy, etc.

Sens1280V-ST is the first of the long list of HD cameras to be released in 2021. The next available one will be a Camlink version due in July.

Together with the high-performance air-cooled camera series – HiPe SenS, released last year, the SenS series propose more resolution options to clients in Linear response: VGA (640x512px) and SXGA (1280x1024px).

SenS 1280V-ST will be delivered with NITVISION GUI.