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Learning-Based Control Algorithms

10/12/2021 | ACS Motion Control

Maximize and maintain the highest level of motion performance using new learning-based control algorithms. LearningBoost is used during machine calibration, or online for continual motion optimization. Autonomously identify and compensate for error inside and outside of servo bandwidth.

InOrbit Launches Developer Portal, Expands RobOps Ecosystem

10/12/2021 | InOrbit, Inc.

InOrbit announced today the launch of their Developer Portal and an expanded RobOps Ecosystem. The Developer Portal provides a centralized toolbox that includes SDKs, APIs and ready-to-use code for roboticists looking to integrate RobOps development into their robot platfor

Program your robot faster than ever with Robotmaster’s latest update

10/06/2021 | Robotmaster (Hypertherm Inc.)

Hypertherm announced an update to its Robotmaster® offline robot programming software. This new version 7.5 update focuses on accelerating and simplifying the programming process and includes new features for a variety of robotic applicati

Vecow and Blaize® Team to Deliver Leading Workstation-grade Edge AI Computing Solution

09/27/2021 | Vecow Co., Ltd.

Targets demanding industrial applications with higher system reliability, lower power consumption and faster time-to-market, Vecow ECX-2400 AI Computing System is your ideal Edge AI solution with less total cost of ownership (TCO

New entry-level 3D camera: The ultra-compact Ensenso S10 is universally applicable and cost-effective

09/24/2021 | IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

Introducing Ensenso S, shows that the use of industrial-grade 3D technology does not have to be expensive. The 3D camera is particularly suitable for 3D applications that require budget-friendly, easy-to-integrate and industrial-grade camera technology, supported by artificial intelligence.

InOrbit Launches Free Edition to Democratize Robot Operations

09/23/2021 | InOrbit, Inc.

All your robots, in the cloud. Free. Forever. InOrbit announced today the launch of a Free Edition of the platform, allowing companies to manage an unlimited number of robots for free foreve

ABB expands SCARA robot range for faster, high precision assembly

09/22/2021 | ABB Inc.

New ABB IRB 920T SCARA robot offers class leading speed and repeatability for electronics manufacturing applications. Shorter cycle times and high-quality production help electronic customers launch new products faster

Computar Optics Honored by Vision Systems Design 2021 Innovators Awards Program

09/21/2021 | Computar Optics Group

Computar's camera lenses were recognized among the best in machine vision by the Vision Systems Design 2021 Innovators Awards program.

New Robotic Cycloidal Gearbox from GAM

09/21/2021 | Electromate Inc.

The GCL is designed to withstand the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots and other motion control applications with impact resistance five times nominal torque.

ESI Motion's New Proton 4kW Servo Drive Module

09/09/2021 | Embedded Systems Inc. dba ESI Motion

ESI Motion’s Proton leads the industry with its extremely small size, efficient, high power density, low operating temperatures and light weight.

Vecow Launches EIC-1000 Edge AI Computing System

09/08/2021 | Vecow Co., Ltd.

Powered by Rockchip RK3399 SoC, Vecow EIC-1000 Edge AI Computing System delivers high performance, scalability and trusted reliability to accelerate industry deployments to implement AIoT applications faster in Digital Signage, Factory Automation, Smart Retail, and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications.

ESI Motion's Mite Servo Drive Module Series

09/07/2021 | Embedded Systems Inc. dba ESI Motion

ESI Motion's Mite Series is the latest innovative solution in our servo drive module portfolio. The Mite Series is available in single axis, dual axis or paralleled axis.

ESI Motion's New Atom 8kW Servo Drive Module

09/07/2021 | Embedded Systems Inc. dba ESI Motion

ESI Motion’s Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module leads the industry with its extremely small size, efficient, high power density, low operating temperatures and light weight.

New Integrated Spindle Drive Motor with Absolute Multi-Turn Encoder from JVL

08/30/2021 | Electromate Inc.

JVL A/S, one of the world’s leading producers in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, is announcing a new addition to its ServoStep™ motors, a directly mountable motor for driving spindle

JAI expands its Go-X Series with new rolling shutter cameras

08/12/2021 | JAI

JAI has expanded its Go-X Series of small industrial cameras with three new models built around Sony´s popular STARVIS sensor platform featuring CMOS rolling shutter technology. They include 6.3-megapixel (IMX178), 12.2-megapixel (IMX226) and 20-megapixel (IMX183) resolution


08/04/2021 | Curtiss-Wright

The new ASSIGN™ (Any Servo, Stepper, Integrated, Geared, or NEMA) configuration capability simplifies selection of a wide range of motors, allowing customers to choose in-line or parallel mount configurations that accommodate a larger variety of motor dimensions.

Vecow Launches Compact Integrated Solution with Intel Atom® x6000 Series Processor

08/03/2021 | Vecow Co., Ltd.

Powered by Intel Atom® x6000 Series processors, Vecow SPC-6000, PBC-1000 Ultra-compact Fanless Embedded Box PC and EPBC-1000 2.5” Pico-ITX Embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) deliver power-efficient with enhanced graphics performanc

New 100 Amps Peak FlexPro Servo Drives Available from AMC

08/02/2021 | Electromate Inc.

Now joining the Advanced Motion Controls FlexPro family are the first of their "Mini"-sized servo drives. With a slight size increase, these drives can output over double the current and operate on higher voltage than existing micro-sized FlexPro drives.

Top performance for Embedded Vision applications

07/22/2021 | MATRIX VISION GmbH

New PCI Express camera modules from MATRIX VISION for complex embedded vision applications

Vecow Launches EAC-2000 Series NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Fanless Embedded System

07/21/2021 | Vecow Co., Ltd.

Featuring 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM® v8.2 64-bit CPU and 384-core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU, Vecow EAC-2000 Series features power-efficient in a small form factor to empower Edgae AI applications including Traffic Vision, Intelligent Surveillance, Auto Optical Inspection, Smart Factory, AMR/AGV, and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applicati

Bodine Launches C1/D1 Explosion-Proof AC & BLDC Gearmotors and Motors

07/20/2021 | Bodine Electric Company

These new Ex-Proof AC and BLDC gearmotors meet NEC Class I, Division 1 requirements, and are UL listed for use in environments where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are likely to exist under normal operating conditions.

Tamron Announces Three New Compact Ø43mm Machine-Vision Lenses Compatible with 1.1” Imagers and Full-24-Mega Pixel Resolution

07/19/2021 | Tamron USA, Inc.

TAMRON's three new Ø43mm compact-size fixed-focal lenses for machine-vision applications are compatible with 1.1” imagers and full 24-mega pixel high-resolution : 1.1” 16mm F/2.8 (Model: MA111F16VIR), 1.1” 25mm F/2.8 (Model: MA111F25VIR) and 1.1” 50mm F/2.8 (Model: MA111F50VIR).

Tamron Announces Three New Compact Ø29mm Machine-Vision Lenses Compatible with 2/3” Imagers and 8-Mega Pixel Resolution

07/19/2021 | Tamron USA, Inc.

Tamron released three new industry-standard Ø29mm compact-size fixed-focal lenses for machine-vision applications, compatible with 2/3” imagers and 8-mega pixel high resolution.

Mesh Invests by Adding a Cleanroom to Their 15-Acre Campus

07/14/2021 | Mesh Automation

MESH Automation invests in a new cleanroom to limit environmental contaminants, such as carbon dust and other contaminants, for their food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical customers.

In-Line Geared Motors

07/14/2021 | Parvalux

An inline motor is where cylinders within the engine are aligned in one straight row.