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EziModule -EtherCAT plug-in Whitepaper

POSTED 08/30/2021

Product customization with plug-in modules
Combining the benefits of standard module and customized carrier.

Time to market and quick response in customized design services are always the priorities to a product development team. Time to market is also a product development strategy to achieve market position. Taiwan Pulse Motion provides reference designs for its off-the-shelf carrier boards, and customers may also create their own carrier board by demands.

EtherCAT   based EziModule  family (EZE/ESM) continues to address many customer needs by offering semi-customized and full customized solutions in carrier board design with multi-channel distributed I/O module selections. Plug and play capabilities make EziModule  product family a smart choice for your machine control system.

Either EZE or ESM design concept, a customized distributed I/O module, is comprised of carrier board with flexible integration of multi-connector types and an I/O extensional plug-in card to be an alternative solution to a rat’s nest of wires.
Each carrier board consists of multi-type connectors that could be designed by user.
EziModule  family products perfectly turn a typical distributed I/O module into reliable implementation of customer-specific applications.

TPM offers high level flexibility during installation. It is designed to be installed in the field near to your devices. Control cabinet space saving is always a challenge for plant engineer working in fieldbus-based automation. 

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