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Oriental Motor offers an extensive product line-up of about 50,000 different products that provide the optimal motion system. For over a century we have concentrated on technological advancement and product design improvement.

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Oriental Motor Launches Online Product & Engineering Forum

POSTED 07/09/2010

Oriental Motor recently launched a new online Product & Engineering forum to provide technical support to customers and develop an online community for users interested in Motion Control. The forum allows users to interact directly with Oriental Motor support staff and each other by asking and responding to threads posted online.

In addition to providing real-time support for users, Oriental Motor's tech support staff posts a "Question of the Day" on topics relevant to the motion control industry. Questions range from the advanced such as "What is the difference in the stepping motor gearhead types and backlash?" to simpler ones such as "How can I check to see if my stepping motor is in good working condition?"

"We wanted to cover a wide range of topics that were important to our customers," said Johann Tang, lead Inside Tech Support Operator at Oriental Motor. "Sometimes our customer's questions are extremely complex and other times they are relatively simple. We saw a real value to our customers and the Motion Control community by sharing that information in a central location and making it accessible to everyone." In addition to the online forum, Oriental Motor's Technical Support Staff is also available to assist customers Monday - Friday from 7:30am CST to 5:00pm PST. For more information, please call 1-800-GO-VEXTA (468-3982).

The online forum is available at: http://forum.orientalmotor.com/

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