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Hua Momona Farms Microgreenery

POSTED 08/27/2019  | By: Custom Conveyor Control

American Control Electronics’ AC & DC motor control lineup has a proven track record in the industrial market due to our mission to always create a simple to use yet highly flexible and robust solution for all customers. However, the inherent flexibility found in all of our motor controls means they aren’t limited to the industrial market like some of our competitors.

Hua Momona Farms is located on the Hawaiian island of Maui and focuses on the cultivating of microgreens for the local restaurant industry. This process utilizes a greenhouse to facilitate the growth of hundreds of trays of microgreens over the course of a 7-21 day period. The loading and unloading of these trays into and out of the greenhouse is aided by a conveyor system that features both automated and manual movement. The automated movement of the conveyor system is controlled by American Control Electronics’ PAT450-10, a single quadrant SCR motor control that features a dust and water resistant NEMA 4X enclosure with forward and reversing capabilities. Horizontal movement of the conveyor system allows for manual positioning over the many rows of tables; where the microgreens will grow until they are ready to be cultivated. The variable speed and directional control of the PAT450-10, and the novel conveyer positioning method, allow this entire growing process to be completed from start to finish with only two attendants.

While American Control Electronics is confident in its ability to produce motor controls that can deliver the kind of performance that we so often talk about, it’s always a bonus when a customer reaches out to us about the positive impact our motor control has made on the day to day operation of their facility:

“The PAT450-10 drive provides smooth control to the conveyor motors carrying our fragile microgreen product. With the reversing and variable speed capabilities, we can send freshly planted trays out to the greenhouse tables and recover them as swiftly upon harvest time. It’s a real time saver."

~ Gary Grube (Owner), Hua Momona Farms Maui