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Going Round

POSTED 03/27/2019

The turntables from Audio Note are the ultimate in the hifi market. TT3, the latest model, uses three motors to drive the platter and ensure a premium sound experience.

The Turntable
TT3 is the latest piece of equipment from Audio Note. The company calls it an entry-level turntable – but its price is comparable to an entry-level model from Aston Martin. The turntable’s price is justified by more than the sound quality typical of the manufacturer. People who own old vinyl treasures that play at 78 rpm can play them on the TT3, which is unusual for audio equipment in this price class. Of course the TT3 can also play today’s more common modes: 33 rpm and 45 rpm. Many albums or singles were not pressed to perfection in the past (a common problem) and do not rotate smoothly, but sound lovers do not have to despair. They can infinitely adjust the TT3 within the 60-120 rpm range.

The Platter
Audio Note’s TT3 features a lightweight, transparent platter. Normally, platters are thick and heavy because this variant is easier to produce and has good rotation properties. Once rotating, they don’t need much power to keep them in motion. But thick platters have sound properties that drive the experts crazy. The thick material of heavy platters saves rotation energy so well that it is emitted in the form of sound waves when a record is playing. Sound waves that are lethal for good sound. Audio Note platters are made from ultra-lightweight polycarbonates that do not generate any interference whatsoever. The rotation energy stays where it belongs: below the platter, right in the drive(s).

About Audio Note
Audiophiles and other fans of premium sound are aware of the name Audio Note – you can tell by their reactions upon hearing it. They range from a nod to genuine tears of joy. One of the elite members of the audio world, the British hifi manufacturer has a host of loyal fans. This is primarily due to the acute hearing of Peter Qvortrup, who founded the company in the 1990s. He releases all products personally in his sanctuary in Brighton before their market launches. His personal attention pays off: Audio Note has around 40 employees and generates an annual turnover of five million euros.

The Motors
Three compact motors drive the TT3’s platter when a record has to rotate beneath the needle. Their combined power is required to keep the 900-gram platter at a constant speed. Due to their low noise emission, Audio Note decided to use VarioDrive-series drives from ebm-papst. They also feature high efficiency, compact dimensions, and infinite adjustability.