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Food Robotics Webinar from RIA

POSTED 09/15/2011

sumer demand for increased variety is especially big in the food and beverage industry and virtually all producers want to increase productivity. RIA's Food Robotics webinar (September 29, 2011, Noon EDT) examines core issues, including safety and quality control, so that you can quickly understand limitations and opportunities offered by robotics.

If you are not an expert on robotics, this webinar allows you to start at the beginning and gain a basic understanding of the technology. As you consider robotics for food and beverage applications, it pays to look at vision systems for inspection and traceability. Like peanut butter and jelly, robots and machine vision often go together.

Something that doesn't go so well together are people and cold, damp environments. Robots, though, can work all day in a humid, refrigerated setting. Harsh wash-down conditions need not be a concern either. Increasingly there are robots and end effectors built to withstand all these factors.

The webinar is free of charge and covers. . .

Opportunities in robotics for pre-wrap, post-wrap; pre-box, post-box:
  • Pre-wrap : continuous flow with USDA process requirements
  • Post-wrap, pre-box : currently constrained with manual labor and throughput bottleneck
  • Post-box : robots for cartoning, case packing, palletizing, truck loading

We will explain technical enablers for post-wrap, pre-box packaging, including:
  • Mechanical methods
  • Vacuum methods
  • New innovation and emerging technologies for future commercialization
Robots offer flexibility for faster changeover times; they can speed up line times and even handle more than one line simultaneously. Whether you are concerned about ergonomics, traceability, quality or throughput, this RIA webinar is a great starting place to learn the facts about robots for the food and beverage industry. Register today!