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Autonomous mobile robots navigating dynamic environments

POSTED 04/18/2022

 | By: Sajith Wimalaratne, Head of Automation to Autonomy

The world is about to experience significant progress in AI-enabled autonomous mobile systems. It will open opportunities for such systems to be used in a diverse range of markets. From consumer and hospitality through to construction, hospitals and care homes, nothing will be the same again.

With mobile robots set to transcend simple material handling and transport uses into much more challenging environments, we decided to invest time to confront key remaining challenges. High on that list is navigation. Watch the video below to see how we are rising to this challenge.

It’s a considerable ask for a mobile robot to effectively negotiate dynamic, unpredictable environments that are crowded with people and moving mechanical elements. Our solution uses a combination of off-the-shelf sensors and sensor fusion techniques and features a custom-built Reinforcement Learning AI algorithm. We used exclusively virtual environments to train the algorithm to carry out real world tasks.

Watch the video here, and discover more in our blog: Our robot navigation algorithm could open up a route to new automation opportunities for industry.