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Alignment Issues with Safety Light Curtain?

POSTED 10/28/2019

 | By: Rod Karch, Safety Specialist at Leuze electronic USA

The proper installation of a safety light curtain is directly related to proper safety functionality and safety rating. If not properly installed getting a red light to turn green may be an impossibility (let the hair pulling ensue). Below are some tips for a successful launch of your light curtain.

  • Both the transmitter and receiver need to be mounted at the same height. If using the floor as a reference please make sure that the floor is level.

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  • Use a level on all sides of the light curtain transmitter and receiver to ensure perfect levelness with one another.

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  • Rotate the units to face one another. Use of an alignment aid such as the Leuze AC-ALM-M or LA-78U especially with long distances between transmitter and receiver.

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  • Rotate the transmitter attempting change the receiver OSSD outputs from RED (off) to GREEN (on). Due to the strict safety regulations, there is a very small window on the receiver that infrared light must pass through from the transmitter. If you cannot get the OSSD outputs to turn "ON" use the alignment aid to fine-tune the rotation adjustment.

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  • Lastly, rotate the receiver attempting to change the OSSD outputs from RED (off) to GREEN (on). Always end alignment on the receiver to ensure the best results.

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Some light curtains have a built-in alignment aid such as the Leuze MLC320/520 and MLC530 to assist during the alignment process link

If this built-in aid is not available you may use external alignment aids such as the Leuze LA-78U link red laser pointer or the Leuze AC-ALM-M link which indicates signal strength.

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Good luck and all success to you!