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The Future of Smart Bathroom Technology

05/16/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Discover how smart bathroom technology is changing the way consumers use the bathroom; from smart toilets to smart showers.

Supporting Fiber Optic Expansion with Precise Splicing Equipment

05/11/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Discover how fiber optic splicing can be supported by permanent magnet stepper motors using core alignment technology.

Forget The Metaverse — The Roboverse Is Already Here

05/09/2022 | InOrbit, Inc.

The Metaverse may have been getting a lot of headlines lately, but the Roboverse is already here: real robots in the real world doing real things like making food or delivering goods.

e-Mobility and Battery Pack Solutions from SensoPart

05/09/2022 | SensoPart Inc.

SensoPart delivers solutions from the beginning to the end of the battery pack assembly line, ensuring reliable identification, precise positioning and accurate detection.

When it comes to accurate detection, blue has no limits

05/09/2022 | SensoPart Inc.

BlueLight sensors are the simple, cost-effective alternative to supplementing your optical sensors with more complex detection methods.

BLDC Motors Drive Efficient Air Purification

05/02/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Discover how BLDC motors drive efficient air purification for high efficiency particulate air filters. Learn more today.

Digital service innovation can ensure that autonomy fits in with human society

04/27/2022 | Cambridge Consultants

What will it take for automated and autonomous systems to proliferate across industry and society?

All-terrain Vehicles Shift to All-electric Powertrains

04/25/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Electrification is coming to ATVs and snowmobiles.

Beyond Charging: New Opportunities for EV Infrastructure

04/21/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Discover the new EV infrastructure opportunities in the United States. These include standardization, vehicle-to-grid, and owner incentives.

Autonomous mobile robots navigating dynamic environments

04/18/2022 | Cambridge Consultants

The world is about to experience significant progress in AI-enabled autonomous mobile systems. It will open opportunities for such systems to be used in a diverse range of markets, and nothing will be the same again.

Creating Safe and Efficient Batteries for Electric Vehicles

04/15/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Discover how we are helping to create an EV battery that is safer and more efficient with our automotive grade integrated circuits.

Robotic Surgery: The Next Decade of Innovation

04/15/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Robotic surgery sits at the intersection of robotics and medical technology. These markets will experience another decade of high growth.

Electronic Expansion Valves for Precise HVAC and Refrigeration Control

04/15/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Discover how our stepper motor technology supports electronic expansion valves for HVAC and refrigeration control. Learn more today.

Bob Conn – Man of Many Talents (Employee Spotlight)

04/12/2022 | OLogic, Inc.

Check out our Employee Spotlight featuring Bob Conn, A Silicon Valley Pioneer with over 50 years of Engineering experience, owner of 85 patents – Bob is also a competitive rower, an aviator and a house builder.

Miniature Stepping Motors Support Shrinking Smart Lock Designs

03/24/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Smart locks allow quick locking and unlocking that helps with public health and safety.

Stepping Motors Drive New Smart Faucets

03/24/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Smart faucets depend on linear stepping motors for reliable and repeatable operation. Learn more about them in this blog post.

Custom Linear Stepping Motors for Adaptive Headlights

03/24/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Adaptive headlights rely on linear stepper motors that move the light to where the driver needs it.

Understanding The Versatility of FDB-Based Spindle Motors

03/24/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Today, spindle motors equipped with Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) technology are used in a lot of different industries and applications.

Robust Components Power Future Autonomous Cars

03/23/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Learn more about how how Lidar technology is making autonomous vehicles a reality.

How 5G Standards Will Impact Driving and Autonomous Vehicles

03/23/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

5G standards will have an impact on vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X). Learn more in this editorial.

Autonomous Warehouse Robots Help Alleviate Fulfillment Strain

03/23/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Ecommerce will continue to grow, along with the need for autonomous warehouse robots.

Challenging Last Mile Delivery Standards

03/23/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Discover how autonomous robots are challenging last mile delivery standards with our sensors, antennas, motors, and actuators.

Evolution of Robotic Cleaners for the Home

03/23/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

Robotic vacuum cleaners have come a long way over the years. Discover the evolution of robotic cleaners for the home.

Closed Loop Stepping Servo System for Co-bot Grippers

03/23/2022 | NMB Technologies Corporation

We recently developed a cobot gripper built on our hybrid motor technology. Discover how we can support your cobotics application.

ABB predicts key trends that will change robotic automation in 2022

03/16/2022 | ABB Inc.

ABB predicts key trends that will change robotic automation in 2022