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Launching the InOrbit Robot Space: A Look at the Future of Robotics

POSTED 02/06/2023

Mountain View, California -  InOrbit Inc, the leading provider of cloud-based robot operations (RobOps) software, is excited to announce the grand opening of the InOrbit Robot Space in Mountain View, California. This community space, product showroom and concept store gives visitors the chance to see the industry's latest autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in action and get hands-on with the InOrbit RobOps platform. Visitors can experience live robots performing tasks such as restocking merchandise and delivering customer orders.

Whether in person or remotely via multiple live-streaming cameras, decision makers can see robots from different vendors working together in the real world. This ability to orchestrate multi-vendor robot fleets at scale through a single pane of glass is what sets InOrbit apart. Robotics companies that are part of the InOrbit Connect ecosystem will be able to showcase their robots in a realistic, yet scaled-down environment.

“Our goal is to demystify and raise awareness of the real-world application of robots,” said Florian Pestoni, CEO and co-founder of InOrbit. “We’re excited to exhibit robots from our partners like OTTO Motors and other industry leaders. This is a space for the robotics community at large to learn and advance the state of the art in robot operations. It’s also a place for everyone else – from kids to older adults – to experience how robots can help with everyday chores.”

"We are happy to participate in the InOrbit Robot Space launch and are excited at the prospect of seeing our robots working in this new community space," said Jay Judkowitz, VP of Product at OTTO Motors. "InOrbit has been a great partner to OTTO Motors and shares our vision of bringing industry-leading robots and operations to life automating the world's dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs."

In addition to showcasing the latest technology and selling merchandise for all ages, the InOrbit Robot Space aims to educate the public on the role of modern robots in everyday life. In contrast with some preconceived notions about robots, often shaped by sci-fi movies or outdated ideas about industrial automation, visitors to the concept store can experience first hand how the latest robots use AI, sensors and software to intelligently navigate around obstacles to carry out their mission. The InOrbit Robot Space will also be available for community events, meetups, and educational talks, allowing people to get hands-on with real robots, explore RobOps best practices, and learn what it takes to orchestrate diverse robot fleets in real-world scenarios. 

InOrbit will be hosting Women in Robotics, Silicon Valley Robotics, and Robot Operations Group meetings at the Robot Space. 

“In order to remain competitive, we need more high school girls and undergrad women to choose career paths in computer science and engineering,” said Andra Keay, President of Women in Robotics and Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics. “The InOrbit Robot Space will be a great location for SVR and WiR events, helping attendees connect with successful women in robotics and get hands-on experience with the latest in robotics and robot operations.” 

“The Silicon Valley-based members of ROG will now have a place to meet in real life,” said Joe Wieciek, Director of Technical Operations at Outrider and co-founder of the Robot Operations Group. “As a community for robot operations experts, we had a hugely successful RobOpsCon in 2022 and continue to meet throughout the year. We appreciate InOrbit’s support as a founding sponsor and community host.” 

To make the topic more accessible to all, the company mascot known as “Orbito” has been appointed community ambassador. This adorable robot avatar’s role is to connect with burgeoning roboticists of all ages. 3D figures as well as t-shirts and other items featuring Orbito will be available for sale.

The InOrbit Robot Space is located at 293 Castro St, in Mountain View, California. Operating hours are Monday-Friday 12 pm - 6 pm, starting on February 20th. To learn more please visit https://www.inorbit.ai/robotspace

The InOrbit Robot Space grand opening event occurred on February 3rd. For media assets including photos and videos of the launch event, please click here.


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