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Emergent Vision Technologies was founded in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. We are an award-winning company based on achievements such as: 2010: First camera company to launch 10GigE camera product line. 2018: First camera company to launch 25GigE camera product line. 2018: First camera company to launch 10GigE and 25GigE line scan camera product line. 2020: First camera company to launch 50GigE and 100GigE camera product line. We bring together over 40+ years of imaging experience ranging from life science, security and machine vision/industrial markets. We continue to be on the bleeding edge of new sensors and camera technologies to help fill our customers application needs. In close collaboration with our global network of highly qualified partners and distributors, we offer individual consulting and support for your applications. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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Emergent End-to-End Volumetric Capture Technology Featured in Befores & Afters Magazine

POSTED 03/09/2023

Comprehensive volumetric capture systems produce total 3D reconstructions of actions or complete scenes in areas like sports, entertainment, and gaming. For content creators looking for a simpler means for volumetric capture, the market now offers solutions that require no coding or system knowledge.

An article published on Befores & Afters magazine’s website shows how this technology has evolved, from motion capture using ping-pong-ball-like markers to estimate joint positions combined with cameras and sensors, to today where technologies like high-speed cameras from Emergent Vision Technologies help remove the need for markers and can capture a whole field of players to reconstruct in full 3D.

The article details how Hawk-Eye’s INSIGHT platform uses Emergent’s high-speed cameras to for virtual recreations and augmented reality experiences for sports fans. It also outlines the benefits Emergent Vision Technologies’ high-speed cameras have provided Condense Reality, a metaverse live-streaming company. Additionally, it highlights Emergent’s eCapture Pro comprehensive, turnkey software, which requires no software coding or system design knowledge and provides a control center, from power-up all the way to 3D model asset generation.

>>>View the article here.