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Poligono Industrial El Cortijo
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Robotics | Member Since 2020

Wepall is a user-friendly application development company that facilitates industrial robot programming. 
We have developed an API to generate the programming code for industrial robots, eliminating the dependence on a programmer and greatly facilitating the robotic implementation in industrial facilities, being compatible with the main brands of robots.
To successfully implement a robotic application, in addition to the robot with its mechanical capabilities and programming, KNOW-HOW is also essential, i.e. experience in the field for which the application is being developed.
We have gained our know-how from our 30 years of experience at Inemur, a pioneer in the implementation of anthropomorphic robotics in palletizing applications.
Based on this technology, Wepall has developed the first marketable product, a "user-friendly" palletizing software application, where robot owners can design their own pallet formats, generate the code and load it to the robot they own, in just a few minutes.

Our mission is to develop and commercialise tools that facilitate and improve the use of industrial robots and to teach how to operate them by providing the necessary training.
Our Vision is to become a standard upon which countless robotic applications are built and to commercialise them worldwide.
Founded in 2017, our first development started in 2013, being palletizing software.