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Founded by world-class scientists with multiple research achievements in 3D vision, robotics, network computing and supercomputers, with over 100 patents in two years, Speedbot is a leading global technology company focused on 3D vision guided movement, inspection and measurement.

Speedbot solutions are field proven in 7 countries through successfully completing over 100 projects in the past two years with fortune 500 automotive, heavy machinery and large and mid-sized logistics companies. 

Who we are: 

  • Canadian owned with operations in Canada, US and Europe
  • 300 person workforce 
    • Over 60 of which have PhD’s and 135 have master’s degrees or higher with degrees from:
      • Princeton University
      • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
      • Bonn University 
      • Columbia University 
    • The core R&D team has won numerous awards for their published research in 3D vision. 

What do we do: 

  • Speedsorter - Steel blanks for Heavy Industry
    • Fully automated solution for inspection, measurement, sorting and stacking of steel blanks
    • Proven technology. Sorting steel since 2019 
    • Productivity improvement of 300% to 600% 
    • Allows for redeployment of 20 workers to higher value work tasks
    • Avoid injuries or death
  • Precision measurement of electric vehicle batteries at the speed of production
    • Measure and inspect electric vehicle battery casing, battery placement assembly or tray 
    • Completes 1,400 points of inspection within 100s, including complex features
    • Accuracy correlation with CMM: 99.2% (up to 0.02mm)
    • Costs significantly less than CMM or LiDAR products 
    • Quarterly maintenance time: 1 hour 
    • Proven technology: 15 MVM systems operating at 7 automotive companies.
  • Precision measurement and inspection of automotive components such as the car frame, welds, door, glue and body-in-white.
  • Precision Pick and Placement, Precision Alignment 
    • Precision alignment of Parts
    • Precision Pick and Placement  
    • Precision Assembly 
    • Precision Placement and Alignment for Welding 
  • Speedsorter - Logistics 

    • AI + OCR ensures 99.9% of accuracy in object identification (including shape, size, color and texture)
    • 5% to 10% more product volume on a pallet than existing technology   
    • Allows for placement constraints on different packages (i.e. heavy on bottom)
    • Increased bridge boxes to improve stability
    • Plug and play with a fully visual, code-free programming interface and easily incorporates new SKUs

Key Contacts & Additional Locations

Karen Tyler
President North America
Telephone: 1 (888) 356-6993
1 Yonge St
Suite 1801
Toronto, ON M5E 1W7
Wen Yang
Telephone: 1 (888) 356-6993
1801-1 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5E 1W7