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SpeedBot Robotics Co., Ltd

7E Depu Corporate Park
Changsha, China 410100

AI Technology ProviderMotion Control & Motors Technology ProviderRobotics Technology ProviderVision Technology ProviderAI, Motion Control & Motors, Robotics, and Vision | Member Since 2022
SpeedBot Robotics Co., Ltd was founded in 2018, headquartered in Changsha and R&D headquarters in Shanghai, and set up offices in Vancouver, Serbia, and the Czech Republic. It is a high-tech company dedicated to building the strongest brain-controlled system for intelligent production lines and smart factories. Relying on powerful 3D vision core algorithms and industrial-grade system software development capabilities, SpeedBot strives to build product systems such as single-robot flexible manufacturing workstation, multi-robot co-production and high-precision vision inspection equipment. Defining intelligence with software, endowing manufacturing with wisdom. The founding team has many years of research accumulation in the fields of computer vision, robotics, 3D graphics, network computing, gigantic data and so on. Many research have reached the international leading level and won national science and technology awards for many times. The company has solid technical background with a team of nearly 200 people, of which doctors account for 15%, 60% with master's degree or above, and 99% with bachelor's degree or above, they are from famous universities and scientific research institutions such as Princeton University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Bonn University in Germany, Technical University of Munich, Columbia University, RWTH Aachen University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.