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Safetics is creating a world where people and robots coexist safely. With Safetics, you can safely use the collaborative robot without fences/sensors and stopping. Safetics has developed and provides web-based simulation robot collision risk analysis software 'SafetyDesigner' that provides you with robot collision risk analysis report and optimal speed recommendation for PFL(Pressure & Force Limiting or Power & Force Limiting) operation of collaborative robots. This allows users to use cobots without any fences or sensors and stopping. We have been distributing our 'SafetyDesigner' for PFL evaluation throughout Korea and our solution has been the only solution that official Korean institutions has admitted for cobot PFL evaluation to acquire safety certification or self declaration. Also our solution was complimented as a super solution in ISO conference. Our office is located in Seoul, South Korea. We are able to provide both the software and online consulting services globally for PFL application of cobots. For more information, please visit: For inquiries, please contact us at: