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Waterloo, ON N2V 1Z7

AI Technology ProviderMotion Control & Motors Technology ProviderRobotics Technology ProviderVision Technology ProviderAI, Motion Control & Motors, Robotics, and Vision | Member Since 2021

RAMP is experienced in many applications that provide high value to our customers. We have diverse experience in a range of industry sectors, allowing us to develop unique solutions to satisfy your processing needs.

Applications include, yet not limited to:

  1. Feed systems
  2. Web handling
  3. Tray handling
  4. Robotics
  5. Motion control
  6. Fabrication
  7. Assembly
  8. Welding
  9. Inspection
  10. Vision
  11. Functional Testing
  12. Traceability
  13. Packaging
  14. SCADA
  15. Autonomous Mobile Robots
  16. ERP interfaces