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Plexus (Nasdaq: PLXS) partners with companies to help create the products that build a better world. Since 1979, Plexus has been partnering with companies to transform concepts into branded products and deliver them to the market. From idea to aftermarket and everything in between, Plexus is a global leader in providing support for all facets of the product lifecycle—Design and Development, Supply Chain Solutions, New Product Introduction, Manufacturing and Aftermarket Services. Plexus has a global work force of 19,500 team members who are committed to each customer’s success. With a heritage of engineering problem-solving that extends throughout everything we do, our teams are inspired and motivated to create innovative solutions for the most complex challenges. Our culture revolves around partnering with our customers and our efforts have been recognized with industry-leading customer satisfaction results. We specialize in working in industries with highly complex products and demanding regulatory environments. Plexus has partnerships with approximately 135 customers in the Healthcare/Life Sciences, Industrial/Commercial, Aerospace/Defense and Communications market sectors. We leverage our expertise to understand the unique needs of our customers' markets and have aligned our processes to provide flexibility, create efficiency and deliver superior quality. With integrated Design and Development, Supply Chain Solutions, New Product Introduction, Manufacturing and Aftermarket Services, we proactively tackle tough challenges throughout the product lifecycle. It is how our teams strive to create innovative and efficient paths to get products to market. Design and Development – Plexus was established with engineering as a core competency and has built a reputation for success. Our customers are able to partner with a collaborative team of approximately 600 development engineers to create new products. Using the same tools and processes throughout our seven Design Centers worldwide, we leverage the latest technology and state-of-the-art design automation methodologies to provide comprehensive new product development and value engineering solutions. Supply Chain Solutions – Delivering an optimal supply chain solution is more than simply getting a product where it needs to be on time. We take a unique approach. Our supply chain experts engage in all of Plexus’ integrated solutions, working closely with our engineers to identify opportunities for supply chain optimization early in the design stage. At Plexus, we take pride in managing the full supply chain to minimize cost, mitigate risk and provide a flexible, scalable solution for our customers. New Product Introduction – When introducing a new product, customers need to move quickly. Plexus offers a dedicated team focused on decreasing time to market with a full suite of integrated new product introduction services. Through early integration and collaboration, customers can take advantage of Plexus’ capabilities, such as design for excellence (DFX), specialized design of test solutions and rapid prototyping, while the project is advanced by a dedicated Plexus transition management team. Manufacturing – Our approach to manufacturing focuses on innovation, continuous improvement and superior quality and delivery. With a global footprint and scalable operations, we aim to tailor our manufacturing environment to meet each customer’s needs worldwide. As we strive for zero defects, we endeavor to empower our employees with the knowledge that exceptional quality begins with each individual member of our team. As a result, we believe Plexus is positioned to support the complex technology and regulatory needs of the industries we serve and to provide customers with innovative and dependable manufacturing services. Aftermarket Services – From product deployment all the way through a product’s end of life, Plexus offers a full range of aftermarket services. We help our customers manage and extend the lifecycle of their products through an optimized level of service. With services such as depot repair, service parts logistics management, order management, distribution and warehousing, and recycling, we are committed to protecting the success of each customer’s product.