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April 14 th, 1995 is the day on which our “ONLINE SOLUTIONS “ came into existence to serve the customers with “ SOLUTIONS” in the field of PC based Imaging, Video, Multimedia and graphics.Since its inception, Online Solutions has been providing right and effective solutions to its customer base. Online Solutions has been taken over by Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., in the year 1999. By expanding its product profile every year, the company is trying to keep pace with most of the customer requirements. Effective pre and post sale support stands as the base for the growth of the company.The product profile includes Frame grabbers, real time processing systems, CCD Cameras, Customized Industrial PCs, DSP based imaging systems, machine vision software, imaging software, vision tutors, compression hardware, editing software, scan converters, DVR Systems, hi-speed imaging, IR Cameras, XRAY Cameras, Sensors etc.