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NSIX Vision delivers turnkey vision systems and consulting services for automated manufacturing and system design for a broad range of digital imaging products. Image acquisition and image processing systems, in-line inspection stations, 2D and 3D vision-guided robotics, final QA solutions – we tailor your application to the highest level of performance and reliability. - We offer industrial 3D cameras with USB-C interface based on Intel RealSense technology. - NSIX Vision Keys software with its flexible PLC interfaces helps to smoothly integrate our vision systems with robots and customers' control systems. - Provide complete system support. Customer testimonial (more on our website): "NSIX Vision delivered the vision system for 3D navigation of our palletizing robots. The system operates smoothly in production and is easy to use for the operators. NSIX’s automated calibration is beneficial for the maintenance personnel so that there’s no need in support or service calls."