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Inxpect invents, designs, manufactures and distributes radar-based smart sensors, primarily for the industrial automation and robotics markets. Inxpect's LBK System is the first PLd, SIL2 radar safety system that, thanks to its volumetric technology, is transforming the state of the art of industrial automation and robotics. The LBK System is based on a proprietary, 24GHz smart radar platform that can sense the surroundings of each sensor in 3D, filtering out environmental disturbances such as smoke, dust, shavings, splashes or machining waste that usually affect optical devices. This makes it an ideal choice in tough environments, as well as in every application where safety must be protected while increasing productivity. The system is composed of the LBK-C22 control unit and up to six LBK-S01 sensors, each with a range of up to 4m/13ft. Sensors can be grouped in three separate sets, allowing selective muting. Configuration is quick thanks to the user friendly application.