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Hanwha Robotics

Robotics Technology ProviderRobotics | Member Since 2024
Hanwha’s robotics division, which first launched collaborative robots in South Korea in 2017, makes a fresh start as “Hanwha Robotics” with ambitious vision and goal to be a global leader in robotics solutions. Hanwha Robotics is developing highly-qualified and reliable technologies of collaborative robots and mobility devices (AGV/AMR) based on advanced design and smart technology cumulated from the machinery and automation industries. Hanwha Robotics will be there for B2B customers making continuous growth by providing value-added solutions including smart factories. Our goal is to contribute to the digital transformation, offering convenience and freedom to humans via implementing automation technologies and products that show harmonious collaboration of robots with humans in B2C industries covering service, foodtech, etc. Hanwha Robotics sets technical quality and trust as our primary principle to provide reliable products and solutions to customers. We will provide technologies and solutions considering and prospecting the future. We aim to create customer value through a customer-oriented attitude and responsible behaviors toward society.

Key Contacts & Additional Locations

Leo Cho
Global Sales Manager
Telephone: +82-+031-8092-5629

Andrew Lee
Senior Manager
Telephone: +82 (0)31 8092 5593
Hanwha R&D Center
305 Pangyoro
Gyeonggido 13488