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Cosberg designs and builds custom assembly machines capable of high and constant production efficiency, thus offering the guarantee of a rapid and safe return on investment. The experience gained and the propensity for continuous technological innovation allow us to have customers from all over the world in many industrial sectors: automotive, electro-mechanical, hardware and accessories for furniture, electric motors, taps and valves, jewellery and watches, household appliances and many more. Cosberg develops the specific solution, machine or complete manufacturing process, capable of automatic assembling the pieces and, when requested, tested. The assembly process may include different technologies such as: feeding systems, handling, drilling, tapping, screw-driving, riveting, welding, mechanical working processes, laser marking, etc. In addition, the phases of testing and verification of the pieces can be implemented. Moreover, thanks to Cosberg’s ability to integrate the state-of-the-art technologies, all the steps and phases are recorded to ensure to our customers the traceability of the assembled products and their total quality with the application of advanced vision and control systems, as well as monitoring software that enables the real-time supervision of the machines, even remotely.