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Industrial lubrication is incredibly complex. Whether you are in metals or mining, aerospace or the automotive sector, you are constantly looking for new ways to drive increased efficiency, productivity and reliability. Castrol has been collaborating with industrial businesses like yours since 1899. From the cars on the roads to the planes in the skies, from the vital materials we need, to the everyday objects we rely on each day, even the energy that powers our homes and offices, there is hardly a single component of modern life that we are not part of behind the scenes. Every one of our liquid engineers has the knowledge and experience to help you make smart decisions that can lead to advantages in every critical aspect of your operation. We're here to help make it happen to increase productivity and reliability while keeping costs and environmental impact under control. So, if you want a proven partner, with the products and expertise to find the advantages that are critical to your success, talk to Castrol. Together we can help make your business even stronger.