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Harden your OT Network - Byos makes the Factory Network Invisible to Outsiders Byos-protected devices are invisible to all unauthorized devices on the network. This protection ensures that your devices are only communicating with other credentialed and fully authorized devices. This core feature allows extremely limited access to be provided to third-parties so that they have access to ONLY the devices and users that need access, and only for specific periods of time and from specific geographies, and other specific parameters. Byos’ Management Console help plant floor operators, internal vendor support teams, and plant/IT/cybersecurity support to control and manage their fleet of Byos protected IIoT devices. Byos enables: • Real-time provisioning and policy-enforcement of thousands of devices from a centralized console • Secure remote access to devices inside the Byos-cloaked network, without having to expose the network to the internet like other remote access technologies • Connect your legacy controllers to improve efficiency without exposing them to the network and adding risk

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