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WELCOME TO BAITELLA AG - FISSO, THE WORLDWIDE LEADING MANUFACTURER OF ARTICULATED ARMS WITH CENTRAL LOCKING KNOB. Our easy-to-use and customized holding arm systems are used successfully worldwide as a quality product for medical and industrial applications. Fhe FISSO articulated holder is a highly adaptable mounting hardware that makes it easy and safe to mount vision devices such as cameras and sensors in industrial environments. With just one central knob, it’s never been easier to position vision cameras, photoelectric sensors or lights for maximum visibility. Virtually any position, no matter how complex, can be created, easily adjusted and permanently fixed. This solution is much more time-saving than rigid and therefore non-adjustable camera mounts, and therefore more cost-effective. Thanks to a wide range of basic components, your vision system is held precisely in place, above your conveyor line, aluminum frame system, or wherever you want it. FISSO has various head components that fit the equipment of all major machine vision system manufacturers. Our design and manufacturing capabilities also allow us to provide custom OEM solutions.