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Automation Technology Consulting (ACT) is an industrial engineering consulting firm that specializes in applying electrical / mechanical automation solutions to the manufacturing floor across multiple manufacturing cultures. Automotive, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Warehouse Logistics to name a few. Our experience covers a broad range of automation solutions that include but not limited to assembly & test, packaging, robotic material handling, machine tending, milling, fastening, tape dispensing and gluing. ATC was founded on the principal that the client (the customer/end-user), should have a clear vision of the procedures of applying automation to their manufacturing processes. It is through this clarity that the client can better manage their automation decisions (budget, ROI, equipment selection, automation house selection, time frame and manufacturing culture). The goal of ATC is to take a hands-on approach to assist our clients navigate the challenges associated with applying automation to their manufacturing floor. Thus, mitigating their risk.