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Adinkra develops emerging technology products in autonomous systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, smart devices, analytics, and automation. We ensure you save time, minimize costs, and make the most of new technologies through our expert engineering team and agile approach to project management. Building with Adinkra means working with a group of experienced engineers who are passionate about emerging technology and how it can be used to drive successful, high-impact outcomes in your business. We are dedicated to supporting you through all phases of the development cycle - including ideation, research, prototyping, testing, iteration, and scaling - and thrive on helping you find innovative solutions for your customers. Get the tech, team, and timeline you need when you build with Adinkra.

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Jared Stanley
Co-Founder & CEO
1044 N Downing Street
, Colorado 80218
United States
Zachary Zumalt
Sales Engineer
Telephone: (720) 308-1036
225 N Lincoln St
Unit 7
Denver, Colorado 80203-3995
United States