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Abagy developed robotic welding programming software and offers robotic systems for all manufacturers, even for custom projects and one-of-a-kind parts. 

Abagy is focusing on the high mix/low volume manufacturing market consisting of 200,000+ manufacturers.

Before Abagy, the use of robots in small series production or custom manufacturing was extremely limited because:

1) today’s robots must be constantly re-programmed for each new item resulting in prohibitively high costs;
2) today’s robots require zero tolerance for any deviations in the workpiece or its position versus the robot.

Abagy has solved these problems, creating software that automatically converts 3D CAD drawings and technology requirements into real-time instructions for a robotic cell, without any need for programming by engineers.

This allows small-scale and individual production manufacturers to achieve the same economic efficiency as robots used in mass production, resulting in cost savings, higher quality, and faster time-to-market.

We make robotic systems more adaptable and flexible than ever.

1. Get your first robot
For manufacturers that were previously unable to use robots because of their high variance production

2. Update your existing robot
For manufacturers that already have robots but want to increase robot utilization

3. Use robots for new processes
For manufacturers that already have their welding partially robotized but they are ready to go further

Economic benefits:
- 1 yr payback
- 3x cost reduction
- 5x throughput

Ease of use

1. Load the part
Freely place the part in the robotic cell. No reference points. Robots with ABAGY can “see”: they scan the work zone and the part.

2. Define parameters
Just a few clicks, no programming. You select the welds and set the welding parameters.

3. The robots will do the rest
Robots weld the part, adapting to the deviations. Suitable for any type of production, even for one-offs.

Turnkey solution

The main ABAGY component is proprietary software. But we provide a turnkey solution together with our partners

- ABAGY software
- Robotic equipment
- Installation and commissioning
- 24/7 tech support

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