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When Your Robot Has a Mind of its Own, Call JMP First

POSTED 12/29/2015

The Challenge
A large steel-making facility purchased equipment which included an integrated robot for loading/unloading material. The work cell repeatedly malfunctioned, impacting the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the process. Despite two years of repeated attempts to correct performance problems, the machine still failed to meet its specifications.

The JMP Approach
JMP’s Client Manager helped the client by assembling a small team of technical experts who conducted an in-depth investigation of the challenge. The investigation phase entailed reviewing existing equipment, drawings and programs, interviewing key plant engineering and operations personnel, and identifying ways to improve the system. Once the solution options were determined, they met with the client to present their findings and recommendations.

JMP’s Unique Value
The robot manufacturer recommended JMP to the client, citing JMP’s expertise and commitment to performance and communication. JMP has a track record of success with integrating robots into a wide variety of systems and processes and the OEM felt confident that they could solve the client’s issue for once and for all.

The Client Payoff
After implementing the recommendations presented to the client, the existing OEE increased to 90%+ from the previous 50%, an extraordinary improvement.