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Virtual Reality Ride Experience

POSTED 03/15/2019

 | By: ACE Contributes to the VR experience, DCH403-10 was used to drive several variable speed 24VDC fans

When looking for automation challenges to solve, you don’t always have to look for industrial applications. Our distributor Heitek Automation in Arizona certainly thought outside the box when they helped develop and build a VR experience ride for Dave n Busters, the well-known restaurant and entertainment business.

The VR experience was made with design cues from the Jurassic World trilogy and consists of a roller coaster style carriage that guests sit in while wearing virtual reality googles. The rides carriage is supported by various actuators that lift and shift the carriage in multiple axis to give the user the sense of emersion during the experience.

In the experience, our DCH403-10 was used to drive several variable speed 24VDC fans wired in parallel and directed towards guests. The drive received speed command signals from a central computer that syncs the action seen through the googles with the motion and airflow, providing an immersive VR experience.

The DCH drive used to drive the fans is a specialized control designed to accept 115 or 230 VAC single phase power and provide a true filtered low voltage to 12, 24, 36 or 48 VDC motors. As opposed to other types of drives that send narrow but high amplitude pulses of voltage to a motor, the DCH series steps down AC voltage via an on board step-down transformer. The output is then filtered before being sent to a motor. True low voltage allows the motor to be used as the manufacturer intended without reducing its useful life.