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Specialised in industrial vision for more than 25 years, Visio Nerf was able to set itself apart, and thanks to products with increasingly higher levels of performance, the know-how of its qualified personnel and the rigour in its commitment to its customers, now offers an innovative range of 3D sensors. These new scanners called Cirrus make it possible to respond to often complex applications in complete simplicity. From locating parts in bulk for loading machine tools, to correcting robot trajectories for depositing putty or a windscreen on a vehicle, without forgetting parts inspection directly on the production line, these high-end products push back the limits in industrial vision in order to offer you maximum performance and return on investment on your production lines.

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The Renault factory expresses its confidence in the cirrus3D-eyesberg3D technology

POSTED 10/08/2019

 | By: Alexie FERNANDES, Product Manager

Process : Automated Bin Picking of parts in bulk using 3D vision

Cléon is a factory in service in the Renault-Nissan Alliance and has 35 customer sites throughout the world. 46% of its activity is devoted to Renault and 54% to other makes (Renault Samsung Motors, Dacia, Nissan, Infiniti, Suzuki and Opel). It manufactures gearboxes, combustion engines and electric engines.

In the framework of the hyper competitiveness plan that has been in effect at Renault since 2014, the factory invested in a bin picking unit upstream of the machining lines.

It is equipped with an ABB IBR 6700 robot and a Visio Nerf CIRRUS1200 sensor which automatically supplies 3 machining centres.

The parts concerned are sliding sleeves which arrive raw in bulk in 1200mmx1000mmx1000mm containers. The vision system positioned above the bin locates the parts that can be taken and sends their exact 3D coordinates so that they can be removed without the risk of a collision which would be detrimental for the process.

In order to reach the cycle time imposed by manufacturing, a double gripper was designed and the exact location of the parts is done in masked time when the robot is outside of the sensor’s field of vision.

The integration of this cell allowed a reduced ground surface occupation.

The cell is in the center of the workshop and is not disturbed by the environmental light or day / night variation or environmental pollution of a production area.

The user integration and use has been simplified by the vision software which open for customized setting during the life of the cell.

The performance of the vision sensor is perfectly working even with the parts variations depending on the material used (brightness, part appearance...)

This bin picking technology that has been developed for more than 15 years now by Visio Nerf’s teams allows for no-fault operation on this production line. It has allowed for substantial growth in productivity gains and a complete disappearance of the risks of musculoskeletal disorders linked to handling these parts on this line.

Customer: Renault Cleon factory (France)

Type of robot: ABB IRB 6700

Scanner: Visio Nerf Cirrus1200

Cycle time: 24s for 2 parts.

Production launch for the unit: May 2016