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Our company developed a software for industrial visual inspection and quality assurance based on AI. With its unique anomaly detection feature it can detect even unexpected and previously unseen defect. PEKAT VISION is universal - it is able to check products or input raw materials which have an unstable look or shape so it can be used with all kinds of materials such as wood, stone, metal, lacquer, castings, leather, rubber or fabrics.

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Detection of defects on pill blisters

POSTED 01/04/2022

The medical field is also one of those areas which can benefit from the detection of flaws using deep learning tools. As proved by PEKAT VISION software that we used to inspect pill blisters.

In this case, we decided to use our Surface Detection module and Anomaly of Surface module. The first mentioned module was chosen to deal with pill cracks. Anomaly of Surface was then used to detect the bigger defects – e.g. missing pills.

The combination of different modules is one of the great features of PEKAT VISION. It enables you to precisely adjust the functions of the software to the specific problem that should be solved without being restricted to using just one approach.

Pictures of the blisters were taken using a Basler monochrome camera. The pylon driver is directly implemented in PEKAT VISION to enable easy connection and setup of the camera.

Detection of flaws on pill blisters was one of the live demonstrations of our software that we performed at Stuttgart Vision Show this year. We used this demonstration also to show that PEKAT VISION can work with Siemens PLC – we connected the PLC and a signal tower for this demo. The PLC was communicating with PEKAT VISION software and the signal tower through which it showed whether the blister was defect-free (green light) or defective (red light).

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