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The Future of Robot Programming with Software from ArtiMinds - Enabled by CodeMeter

POSTED 07/05/2023

The ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite is a state-of-the-art software solution for programming industrial robots. It is vital to the company's success that they protect their Intellectual Property and monetize their software with secure license and entitlement mechanisms.

Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter protection and licensing technology secures ArtiMinds IP against piracy, reverse engineering and tampering as well as enabling their customers to protect the automation process IP they build on top of ArtiMinds' software suite. CodeMeter enables easy and comprehensive license and entitlement management using built-in unit counters, maintenance period counters, and other functions to restrict automated software updates to a valid time-bound update license. 

The Challenge

The ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite is a state-of-the-art software solution for programming industrial robots. With the high level of innovation in all ArtiMinds products, the protection of their intellectual property has always been a key consideration across the entire development process. The ability to manage licensing modules based on different factors like user seats or robot-bound licenses has become a further challenge for ArtiMinds.

The Solution

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter is the perfect fit for the ArtiMind’s development challenges. CodeMeter dongles let the company easily manage and deploy software licenses based on user seats. The built-in hidden storage on these hardware secure elements allows ArtiMinds to register robot IDs and store licenses based on a known number of robots to be programmed. Furthermore, CodeMeter AxProtector provides ArtiMinds with another cutting-edge tool to safely encrypt its software solutions and prevent the theft of intellectual property.

The Result

The implementation of Wibu-Systems’ technology permits ArtiMinds to bring their business model to market without worrying about the potential loss of intellectual property. In doing so, Wibu-Systems has become the enabler for highly innovative technologies that are reshaping the world of automation. ArtiMinds truly relies on partners like Wibu-Systems to pursue its vision: Healthy working conditions without harmful or tedious jobs for human workers – Automating our World.

Dr. Sven Schmidt-Rohr, CEO, ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH

“CodeMeter provides a comprehensive security platform for our industrial robot software suite. It delivers not just protection for our own IP as a vendor and license enforcement capabilities, but a cryptographic framework that allows our customers to protect the automation process IP they build on top of our software suite. This empowers our users to secure their production know-how against threats of all kinds, while still being able to apply this same know-how flexibly in their production.
With its many deployment options, CodeMeter supports our software on shop floors with and without connectivity. Its 360° set of security functionalities has convinced us to include CodeMeter as the only commercial 3rd party element in our software suite.”

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