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Shougang Trusts in Surface Inspection Technology from ISRA PARSYTEC

POSTED 03/01/2012

rong>Highest throughput at coupled pickling-tandem mill by surface inspection

Aachen/Qianan To ensure high quality standards, the Shougang Corporation started looking for a reliable on-line surface inspection solution for the coupled Pickling-Tandem Mill in Qianan, China. Not an easy challenge, as the tandem line left only very limited space for the installation. The only really doable solution was found in the Compact SensorTM produced by ISRA PARSYTEC. The Compact SensorTM is installed at the tandem’s exit, close to the looper entry.

The space-saving and Compact SensorTM concept and the high level of technical competence of the ISRA PARSYTEC experts proved so convincing to those responsible at Shougang that they placed an order for the supply, installation and commissioning of this surface inspection system.