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Robotic Bin Picking Ft. Unstructured 3D Vision Guidance

POSTED 11/24/2023


Our customer within the nuclear energy industry required an automation solution capable of handling zirconium sheaths for end cap welding and further assembly.

There were thirteen (13) different part variants to be transferred to the next stage of the process.



BOS developed an automated bin-picking solution featuring a Cognex 3D Vision system integrated to a FANUC material handling robot to handle the zirconium sheaths.

The vision guided robot system was able to precisely pick sheaths from an unstructured bin according to recipes specified by the PLC.

The selected sheaths would be assembled into batches, loaded with uranium, and then placed by additional robots onto a tooled conveyor for the upcoming welding process.



The turnkey vision solution developed by BOS has been successfully integrated into the production line and is achieving cycle time, quality, and technical availability requirements for our customer.

It benefits the customer by increasing productivity and reducing processing times. Additionally, it allows them to optimize the utilization of skilled labour and minimize health and safety risks.


Watch the full video for this innovative solution on our website: Robotic Bin Picking ft Unstructured 3D Vision Guidance.