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RobotWorx is an integrator of new and refurbished robots and robotic systems, specializing in arc welding robots for industrial automation and other robotic applications. The company supports many robot manufacturers such as FANUC, Motoman, ABB, and KUKA. RobotWorx also offers a full inventory of new and used robotic parts. Most robot systems are sold with a warranty covering parts and service. RobotWorx' exceptional reconditioning process includes harmonic drive and belt assembly inspection/cleaning/lubrication and replacement as needed, battery replacement, wire harness inspection, and bearing check and lubrication.

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Reconditioned Workcell with Fanuc ArcMate 100i RJ2

POSTED 11/22/2019

Project Summary

A lawn tool company looking for a self-contained welding system that met specific quality and affordability requirements found their solution with a reconditioned cell from RobotWorx.

Application Goals:

  • Quality Welding - Attain consistent, top quality welding results. 
  • Flexibility - Required a robotic workcell with the ability to be reprogrammed/reconfigured for different parts and applications. 
  • Productivity -  Increased throughput and shorter cycle times are possible with the help of a two position indexer. While one side is being welded, the other can be safely loaded. 
  • Price Point - This reconditioned system costs a fraction of the cost of a brand new system, but meets all quality and performance expectations. 
  • Safety - Build a safety system that successfully takes care of every arc welding safety hazard: arc glare, smoke, fumes, and heat. This workcell had to be designed to protect both operator and robotic equipment.

RobotWorx Solution:

  1. Reconditioned Cell - This all-inclusive workcell has robot, positioner, controller, power source, and safety systems seamlessly integrated. The entire cell is easy to maneuver because the steel safety enclosure has a common base with forklift pockets.  Dual doors with electronic interlocks, a common power disconnect and safety mats increase the security of the system. 
  2. Positioner - Two position 180 degree indexer for dual station operation. Includes arc-glare divider and a common base for robot/indexer. 
  3. Reconditioned Robot: The Fanuc ARC Mate 100i RJ2 has six axes of flexibility for taking welding tasks in stride. A low payload of 6kg and 1368mm horizontal reach are perfectly suited for this requirements of this application. 
  4. Welding Power: The Lincoln PowerWave 450 provides the requisite power for the air-cooled welding torch, safety holder and wire feeder.
  5. Operator Station - Play it safe with a central command station. Includes Start A and B, E-stop, Servo-On, Hold, Re-Start controls.