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Kar Ming is a machine vision solution expert in Guangzhou, China, founded in 1992. We design, develop and manufacture the machine vision system, the precision control system as well as the intelligent equipment applied in automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics and beverages industries, etc. We pioneered to design and manufacture a three-dimensional vision navigation robotic hand used in the automotive manufacturing. With our experienced R&D and dedicated sales teams, we are capable of delivering high quality and customized machine vision solution to meet ever-changing needs of clients in the globe. Besides, we partner with various higher education institution in China and various international partners like Cognex, CCS, Parker, DDK, Convum, and Patlite . As the leading provider of machine vision in China, we aim to advance the understanding and implementation of vision technologies to better serve in vision and imaging industries internationally.

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Pantograph visual inspection system

POSTED 08/23/2019

Aiming at the safety of rail transit, a series of visual detection systems have been successfully developed, including online inspection system for tunnel section, pantograph machine visual inspection system and wheel visual inspection system, etc. Our visual inspection applications design to escort the safe operation of rail transit and avoid rail transit accidents.

One of our specialized applications is Pantograph visual inspection system. Pantograph visual detection system adopts multi-camera imaging technology developed by Karming's R&D team. During the train operation, real-time detection monitoring and recording of arc pulling conditions of skateboarding are performed. Angle posture and contact point are conducted, and the alarm function is triggered instantly if any abnormality is found.

Pantograph visual inspection system is functioned as data storage of testing results. The pantograph slides wear data, sheep horn position and Angle data are detected through image-automatic calculation. Besides, the inspected image and data are stored. Plus the historical detection data can be traced back the later stage. This system is mainly used in electric locomotive, train, pantograph online monitoring of the subway.