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Mikrotron GmbH, established in 1976 and located outside Munich, Germany, provides a full range of high-speed imaging solutions for challenging applications in industry, engineering, science and sports. The company designs, produces, distributes and rents high-speed cameras, image recording systems, software and image processing components. Mikrotron's extreme slow-motion recording enables customers to optimize manufacturing processes, improve product design, revolutionize quality management and analyze motion.

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Motionblitz® LTR2p System: improved process control

POSTED 04/19/2013

Detect and eliminate errors effectively

For the flat glass industry, characterised by a high pressure to work efficiently, reliable and smoothly functioning processes are crucial. Not to identify permanently reiterating errors can become expensive and even substantially threatening. One of our clients was confronted with exactly this situation. It became pivotal to improve his process control.

To solve this problem our client chose the MotionBLITZ® LTR2p Long Time Recording High Speed System. Our client was particularly convinced by its easy handling, compact design and highly functional Quad Mode.
The result spoke for itself: the seamless analysis made it possible to immediately eliminate the error and additionally reduce the wastage. Due to the resulting cost savings an amortization of the MotionBLITZ® LTR2p purchase costs within one year is feasible.

The application scenario

Flat glass production operates on a continuous running conveyor belt. During this process an increased error and wastage rate occurred while cutting the glass into individual panes.

The task

In order to reduce this failure rate, the cause of the malfunctioning needed to be identified. The analysis gained with a high-speed camera had so far not been able to detect any errors.

The customer benefit

The customary high-speed recordings with just a few seconds recording time would not do here. Even with longer lasting processes only singular moments would be captured and never the entire operation. If errors thus only occurred sporadically, they may actually never be registered.

In contrast, the MotionBLITZ® LTR2p System records processes in high-speed and over an extended period of time. Errors become clearly visible during the duration of the recording.

It became apparent that with every cutting procedure glass residue was left on the cutter blade. Above a certain amount this was then imprinted back into the glass. In consequence, the glass could no longer be cut precisely. In addition, the glass residue built up over and over again, causing the error to repeat itself indefinitely
A simple modification of the blade eliminated the defect and reduced the wastage considerably. The introduction of the new system was a complete success.

MotionBLITZ® LTR2p System with MC 1362 camera - All advantages at a glance
  • Excellent image quality: Up to 55 minutes recording time at full resolution (1280 x 1024 Pixel) and speed (253 fps)
  • Flexible: Quad Mode permits quadruple speed or recording duration
  • User friendly: easy to operate Windows based MotionBLITZ® Director2 user software
  • Concise: Marker function during recording marks individual images
  • Compact: with dimensions of just 44x35x24 cm it very flexible and mobile