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Kar Ming is a machine vision solution expert in Guangzhou, China, founded in 1992. We design, develop and manufacture the machine vision system, the precision control system as well as the intelligent equipment applied in automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics and beverages industries, etc. We pioneered to design and manufacture a three-dimensional vision navigation robotic hand used in the automotive manufacturing. With our experienced R&D and dedicated sales teams, we are capable of delivering high quality and customized machine vision solution to meet ever-changing needs of clients in the globe. Besides, we partner with various higher education institution in China and various international partners like Cognex, CCS, Parker, DDK, Convum, and Patlite . As the leading provider of machine vision in China, we aim to advance the understanding and implementation of vision technologies to better serve in vision and imaging industries internationally.

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Laser-guided Robot

POSTED 08/23/2019

Karming’s laser-guided robot is designed to solve severe problems happened in workshops in traditional manufacturing industries.

As is known to all, traditional manufacturing industries, such as metallurgical industry, metal module casting industry, mobile equipment engine such as boiler, are often involved with high temperature processes; manual operation inevitably encounter poor working conditions, which results in great hazards and extreme low efficiencies, and etc.

In order to solve these problems, Karming designs and develops the laser-guided robot to grab the shell from the gas furnace, and automatically load the casting metal material into the shell, then transfer the shell to the medium-frequency smelting casting of high temperature alloy, with the robot and other auxiliary equipment to achieve the feeding, cutting and other automation and digital system management function of metallurgical casting smelting equipment. This equipment solved the problem of precise positioning of the shell in the gas furnace, advance the progress from manual operation to automation, and effectively reduces the labor intensity and ensure the safety and security of workers. The device has already satisfied the customer's demand in the production practice and received good reputation in production.