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Large Part Handling & Deburring

POSTED 01/01/1900

 | By: Paula Kyle


Intensive manual labor required to deburr engine crankshaft and provide a way to check for quality of previous operation.


Design of a turnkey system to automated the process of deburring and performing a quality check of previous operation on two crankshaft styles.  The robot is able to manipulate a 300 plus pound crankshaft, make quality repeatability, would 100% inspect for drilling defects, and would automatically remove defective parts out of the system.  This system featured:

  • A constant force device with a tool changer applies just the right pressure and rotational speed to perform the following operations:  Chamfering, Probing.
  • Automated Concepts, Inc. Head and Tail Stock (HTST) provides precise positioning.
  • A SpeedeBurr deburring tool with a floating housing that can adjust to casting variations.
  • Inbound conveyor from a drilling machine.
  • ACI manufactured Robot Transport Unit.
  • Fanuc S-900w Robot.
  • ACI manufactured Head and Tail Stock (2x).
  • Fanuc M-16i Robot.
  • Inbound Empty Pallet Conveyor.
  • Outbound Loaded Pallet Conveyor.
  • Outbound Conveyor to Heat Treat.

Description of Process:
The crankshaft enters the cell from a drilling machine.  The S-900w picks up the crankshaft and places it into a headstock/tailstock positioner.  The S-900w probes all holes checking for drill breakage and drill drift.  If the crankshaft fails, the robot removes it from the system.  If it passes the quality check the S-900w makes a tool change and chamfer the main oil holes.  Then the crankshaft is picked up by the S-900w and placed into a (headstock/tailstock) positioner in front of the M-16i.  The M-16i deburrs all the edges to the crankshaft and the compound angle oil holes.  When the deburr is complete, the S-900w moves the crankshaft to the heat treat furnace conveyor or outbound conveyor pallet.  Note:  The S-900w can transfer empty pallets to either side of the pallet conveyors.  This allows the system to be also fed from the pallet conveyors.