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JMP's Automation Solution Delivers Plastic Bags in Only Four Seconds

POSTED 12/28/2015

The Challenge
Struggling to meet the demand for their product, our client, a paper and plastic bag fabricator, turned to JMP for help. The manual system they had in place was labour intensive and ergonomically challenging for the workers, and cost too much.

The JMP Approach
JMP created a material handling system that welded plastic handles onto plastic bags, eliminating the need for manual labourers to complete this process. The system sends bags down a conveyor to a cell, where an overhead Cognex camera locates and identifies the bag for robot pick-up. The robot picks up the bag, and a second camera locates the exact corner of the bag. The robot then positions the bag for the welder, while a second robot picks a handle from a feeder system and inserts the handle into the welder. The handle is welded to the bag. The robot grabs the finished bag and loads it on a rack, where other bags are also loaded and then are subsequently taken to the strapper. Twelve cells operating at four seconds per bag produced 180 bags per minute – much faster than the previous manual operation.

JMP’s Unique Value
Working along with the client, JMP devised a completely new approach to solving this challenge that is unique to the industry. The flexible, scalable design allows the cell to handle variable product sizes with a quick changeover, and additional cells are easily added if production requirements are increased. JMP executed this creative solution well ahead of the client’s timeline.

The Client Payoff
With a greatly increased throughput, the client was able to meet the current demand, as well as accept larger orders than they were able to before the automated system was in place. The new automated system also improved employee safety and increased the quality of the client’s products.