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Founded in 1994, ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in San Diego, CA. ADL Embedded Solutions provides flexible, reliable, and fast solutions to our customers at the speed they need to survive in the market. ADL Embedded Solutions is your mission critical partner. We’ll ensure the best possible outcome by collaborating with your internal team to design and build the highest quality performance solutions for your demanding environments. ADL Embedded Solutions’ products are designed to help customers with the challenges of developing new products for the Embedded Industry. ADL Embedded Solutions helps customers address challenges such as speed, size, extended temperature, power consumption, ruggedness, expandability and more. We target applications using small form factors such as PC/104, 3.5-inch boards, and custom designs. In addition, we assist our customers in finding thermal solutions for the new line of ADL Embedded Solutions CPU’s.

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Hyperspectral Imaging and Vision Application Solutions

POSTED 12/04/2020


A leading supplier of hyperspectral imaging systems was looking for an MCOTS system solution that provides high-speed data processing and storage in one compact enclosure, designed for airborne environments. In critical hyperspectral imaging applications, continuous streams of incoming data represent the chemical or spectral ‘fingerprint’ within the field of view. Because hyperspectral imaging involves high-speed scanning across a wide or continuous field of view, large data files (often several gigabytes in size) need to be collected and managed.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Data cube acquisition and analysis is integral to effective hyperspectral imaging. Hyperspectral sensors collect information as a set of ‘images’. Each image represents a range of the electromagnetic spectrum and is also known as a spectral band. These ‘images’ are then combined and form a three?dimensional hyperspectral data cube for processing and analysis. Because hyperspectral imaging involves high?speed scanning across a wide or continuous field of view, large data files (often several gigabytes in size) need to be collected and managed.

Computer Vision and Framegrabbers

For applications other than hyperspectral such as Infrared or regular computer vision, a tremendous amount of data?gathering and analysis is still the norm via a number of pathways including multi?port Gig?E, Cameralink and high?definition framegrabbers.

The Solution

ADL Embedded Solutions’ Intel® Core™ i7?based platform handles these tasks effortlessly with dual and quad Intel Core i7 processing options coupled with an ADLPS104 150W ATX power supply, SATA SSD capable of write speeds in excess of 500MB/s, and ecosystem of compatible PCIe/104 cameralink, Gig?E, and framegrabbing options.

As well, ADL Embedded Solutions’ team of system integration engineers stand ready to work closely with customers to develop a custom solutions using state?of?the?art Solidworks 3D CAD workstations, quickturn system prototyping and follow?on production services.

Platform Hardware Options and Features

  • Intel Core i7 Dual and Quad Processors
  • 2?4 Cameralink Ports
  • 1?4 Gig?E Ports
  • AMP, Active Silicon and EPIC Framegrabbers
  • ?40°C to +50°C Temperature Range
  • ?40°C to +85°C Chassis Solutions Available with Conduction Cooling