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Micropsi Industries develops software for robots. Our product, MIRAI, enables industrial robots to handle variance in production. MIRAI-powered robots use cameras and sensors to react in real-time to dynamic conditions in a workspace.

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BSH Automates Leak Testing with AI system | Micropsi Industries

POSTED 06/01/2022

BSH Automates Leak Testing with Intelligent Complete Solution

At the Spanish production site of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, our intelligent robot control system MIRAI is deployed as part of a standard solution for automated leak testing. The European market leader for home appliances uses our complete and fully automated solution to check the metal pipes of refrigerators for leaks. Read more about how BSH succeeded in automating the quality inspection for the first time despite high variances in the process.

The Challenge

For leak testing of refrigerators, a so-called sniffer probe is run along the metal pipes and compressors to check solder joints for leaking coolant. The challenge: The back of each produced refrigerator is unique in terms of position, color, shape and even amount of the soldering points. For a conventional robot, such variances are an insurmountable obstacle. Until now, the repetitive inspection process was left to human workers.

The Solution

At BSH, our standard robotic solution has replaced manual leak testing, also referred to as "fridge sniffing." Thanks to our integrated, intelligent robot controller MIRAI, the robot:

  • reliably identifies all solder joints to be inspected
  • approaches the sniffer probe with millimeter precision—regardless of position, shape or color of the joints
  • responds to its environment in real time
  • handles even unforeseen deviations with precision

The advantage of this fully automated solution is high quality combined with absolute process reliability. By repeatedly demonstrating the motions, BSH employees trained the robots on the required skills in just a few hours without the need for programming or artificial intelligence (AI). With the MIRAI-controlled automation solution deployed for this “fridge sniffing” task, BSH has lowered ongoing operating costs and reduced maintenance and troubleshooting.

"Using MIRAI’s Machine Learning technology, we have solved a challenge we could not solve using standard automation technology," said Javier Chasco Echeverria, engineer for Industry 4.0, at BSH. "All cycle time, accuracy and performance KPIs have been reached, improving our productivity and quality. We consider Machine Learning a key technology we will continue using and will consider Micropsi Industries’ MIRAI for other challenging applications in the future."

Visit our website for more information: https://www.micropsi-industries.com/mirai-cases/bsh-automates-leak-testing