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Automotive Supplier Increases Uptime, Production Volumes with LEONI LSH 3 Dresspack

POSTED 07/05/2018

A Tier 1 supplier to top global automakers had been using dresspacks on various production-line robots for more than a decade. After contending with frequent failures and downtime caused by cable management systems from various vendors, the company enlisted the expertise of LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (LEPS). The solution: the LEONI LSH 3, a compact, flexible cable management system that worked so well resolving the customer’s original problems that the dresspack is now specified on all new robots.

"Our customer started with LEONI’s first-generation LSH years ago, and they more recently had a few difficult applications we used as test platforms for the LSH 3," says Dave Jack, LEPS Sales Engineer.

Initially installed at one of the automotive supplier’s plants in the southern United States, the close-fitting LSH 3 offers rugged, flexible design within a small footprint. These features significantly curtailed collisions with interfering contours — one of the most common causes of cable management failure — and facilitated retrofits and repairs, allowing the factory to reduce downtime and maintenance costs while ramping up production.

The customer’s engineers now exclusively use LEONI dresspacks and will implement the LSH 3 into all future robotics projects, including creating the subassembly for a new vehicle model under production. "It’s an ongoing project with upwards of 200 robots, and the LSH 3 was the clear choice because of its performance," says Jack.

Given the success of the LSH 3 at this facility, LEPS’ customer also implemented the LSH 2 and the LSH 3 at a second plant. "They’ve had our units in service for over a decade, and they’re now using the LSH 3 for all maintenance, upgrades, and volume-ups," says Jack. The facility recently added more than 50 LSH 3–equipped robots to accommodate increasing production volumes for two automotive manufacturers.

In addition to supplying LSH 3 dresspacks, LEONI continues to provide the automotive supplier with on-site installation and optimization services. "The feedback has been great, and they consistently call me with new projects," says Jack.

To learn more about LEONI’s robot cable management solutions, visit the LEPS website .