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Our company developed a software for industrial visual inspection and quality assurance based on AI. With its unique anomaly detection feature it can detect even unexpected and previously unseen defect. PEKAT VISION is universal - it is able to check products or input raw materials which have an unstable look or shape so it can be used with all kinds of materials such as wood, stone, metal, lacquer, castings, leather, rubber or fabrics.

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Automation in Automotive Industry

POSTED 01/04/2022

Even though the automotive industry already has several automated manufacturing processes, it still relies heavily on human visual inspection. Among others, the automotive industry is able to implement automated inspection solutions using machine vision technology. Let’s have a look at our newest use case.

In cooperation with MTS, spol. s.r.o., we have performed a feasibility study for surface inspection, in this case, inspection of the hood. For this project, in order to make the defects more visible, we have projected a line pattern over the target area.

The next step involved a 5MP area scan camera for image acquisition. Then, these pictures were uploaded to PEKAT VISION software. Lastly, we have trained our Surface Detection module for the detection of specific defect types, such as: scratches, dust, varnish defects, and other surface defects.

PEKAT VISION Surface Detection module then displayed precise heat maps over the defective areas.